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3 Korean food to enjoy when the cold weather wears you down

3 Korean food to enjoy when the cold weather wears you down

You might already be missing the always-bright-sun-summer weather, but now we need to brace ourselves for the cold weather. Don’t fuss a bit: we are going to help you prepare for this season: here are 3 Korean food to enjoy when the cold weather wears you down!

1. Yukgae–Jang

Yukgae–Jang is spicy beef soup made with shredded beef, scallions, bean sprouts, mushrooms, and other healthy ingredients such as bean sprouts and bracken fern. Due to the healthy ingredients and its spiciness, the soup helps clear out your sinuses and is said to clean your liver, and of course making it a great meal especially when you have a cold or suffering from a hangover.

2. Galbi–tang

Galbi–tang is hearty beef soup, its broth made by simmering beef ribs and radish for about 4-5 hours. Nowadays different variations can be made by adding ginseng, jujube, pine nuts, or even Asian herbals for more health benefits of said soup. Due to high concentrations of amino acids, vitamins, and iron, Galbi–tang is widely recognized for its effects of preventing anemia! Or you can try this wonderful Korean soup for its awesome taste at Sura Korean Restaurant!

3. Spicy Galbi-Jjim

Spicy Galbi-Jjim is definitely a quintessential Korean food which can be enjoyed both during Summer and Winter. It’s an authentic Korean dish that is of braised beef short–ribs with carrots and daikon radish in hearty & spicy sauce. This dish is characterized by its spiciness, so it is great to eat with a bowl of steamed rice when you feel cold. Or during Summer, it is just refreshing to enjoy this fantastic dish with Naeng–Myeon (Korean style cold buckwheat noodle) on the side.

Here at SURA, we are committed to using only the freshest & the finest ingredients available. Because along with outstanding customer service, we believe it is our most sincere appreciation of our customers. We hope you will visit us soon to enjoy the excitement!

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